METEORITE seminar at Maastricht University
Spring 2007

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  • Jan 24th 2007 (Wed), 12:00, room A0.23
    Jorge Alcalde-Unzu (Public University of Navarra)
    On the axiomatic distribution of opportunities
  • Jan 25th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Tomoki Inoue (Kyoto University)
    Some results on the cores in an economy with indivisible commodities
    Abstract and papers (1) (2)


  • Feb 1st 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Werner Güth (Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena, Germany)
    Population-Dependent Costs of Detecting Trustworthiness - An Indirect Evolutionary Analysis -
  • Feb 8th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Charles Noussair (Tilburg University)
    Traders’ Expectations in Asset Markets: Experimental Evidence
    Abstract Paper

  • Feb 15th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Estelle Cantillon (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
    Procurement when price and quality matters



  • Mar 1st 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Jordi Brandts (CSIC Barcelona)
    Political Autonomy and Independence: Theory and Experimental Evidence
    Abstract Paper
  • Mar 8th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Oliver Kirchkamp (University of Jena)
    Expectations in First-Price Auctions
    Abstract & Paper
  • Mar 14th (Wed), 12:00, room A 0.24
    Yukinori Iwata (Hitotsubashi University)
    Consequences, Opportunities, and Arrovian Theorems with Consequentialist Domains


  • Mar 15th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room C-1.03
    Alexander Sebald (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)
    Procedural Concerns
  • Mar 20th 2007 (Tue), 12:00, room H0.06
    Tadashi Sekiguchi
    (Kyoto University)
    Pricing of Durable Network Goods under Dynamic Coordination Failure
  • Mar 22th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room H0.04
    Flip Klijn
    (CSIC Barcelona)
    Constraint School Choice
    Abstract Paper
  • Mar 29th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Remzi Sanver (Istanbul Bilgi University)
    Social Perception as Behavior Aggregation
    Extended Abstract


  • Apr 11th 2007 (Wed), 14:00, room A1.22
    First Aachen – Maastricht Seminar on Algorithms and Games
    Speakers: Sascha Wolf, Heiko Rögling, Matthias Englert, Birgit Heydenreich
  • Apr 12th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Birgit Heydenreich (Maastricht University)
    On revenue equivalence in truthful mechanisms
  • Apr 19th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Dirk Engelmann (Royal Holloway College, University of London)
    A Within-Subject Analysis of Other-Regarding Preferences
  • Apr 20th 2007 (Fri), 10:00, room C-1.05
    Reinhard Selten (University of Bonn)
    Emergence of Simple Languages in a Coordination Game Experiment
  • Apr 25th 2007 (Wed), 12:00, room A1.22
    Аркадий Предтеченский (Arkadi Predtetchinski) (Maastricht University)
    One-dimensional bargaining
  • Apr 26th 2007 (Thu), 15:00, room A1.22
    Benedikt Loewe (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
    An abstract approach to reasoning about games with mistaken and changing beliefs, Part I
    Abstract Paper
  • Apr 26th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Eric Pacuit (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
    An abstract approach to reasoning about games with mistaken and changing beliefs, Part II
    Abstract Paper


  • May 2nd 2007 (Wed), 12:00, room A1.22
    Miguel Panero (Universidad de Valladolid)
    Linguistic matrix aggregation operators: extensions of the Borda rule
  • May 3rd 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Caroline Berden (Maastricht University)
    The role of transfers in dynamic TU games
  • May 24th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Rodrigo Velez (University of Rochester)
    Revisiting Consistency in House Allocation Problems and the Computational Approach to the Axiomatic Method
  • May 31st 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Antonio Nicolň (University of Padova)
    Efficient and Stable Collective Choices under Gregarious Preferences


  • Jun 6th 2007 (Wed), 12:00, room A1.22
    Debasis Mishra (Indian Statistical Institute)
    Overdemand and Underdemand in Economies with Indivisible Goods and Unit Demand
  • Jun 7th 2007 (Thu), 16:30 (time has changed), room A1.22
     Ton Storcken (Maastricht University)
    An algebra for preference rules

  • Jun 14th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Antonio Romero-Medina (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
    Converging to efficiency: the Ramón y Cajal program experience
  • Jun 21st 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Rein Haagsma (Wageningen University)
    Equilibrium social hierarchies: a non-cooperative ordinal status game
    Abstract Paper Figures
  • Jun 27th 2007 (Wed), 12:00, room A1.22
    Louis Putterman (Brown University)
    Monitoring in Teams. A Model and Experiment on the Central Monitor Hypothesis


  • Jul 12th 2007 (Thu), 16:00, room A1.22
    Lars Ehlers (University of Montreal)
    Sharing a River among Satiable Agents

Organizers: Andres Perea, Arno Riedl, Martin Strobel