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Maastricht Behavioral and Experimental Economics Symposium










05 - 07 June 2008

Maastricht University

The Economics Department (AE1) of Maastricht University hosts the Maastricht Behavioral and Experimental Economics Symposium (M-BEES) during 05–07 June. It is organized to celebrate the 25th jubilee of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and to officially open the new Behavioral and Experimental Economics Laboratory (BEElab) of the Faculty. This event is sponsored by the Universiteitsfonds Limburg/swol and the Faculty's research school METEOR.

The Symposium brings together a selected group of renowned international researchers from the US and Europe. Recent and prospective developments in behavioral and experimental economics will be discussed. To reflect the research variety at the Faculty, the topics of the Symposium range over the entire field paying special attention to newly emerging approaches and issues.

For a few impressions of the Symposium, please click here.